Books, Books, and More Books

by eyesthatslay on LiveJournal

Going into 2007, I told myself that I would read more. Last year, I read about 12 books in a 4 month time, then had some bills to cover, so my book allowance shrunk to practically nothing. By the end of the year I was seriously missing my book allowance, going through withdrawal, walking through bookstores and touching the spines longingly, taking a deep whiff of the new book smell. My husband was sure I’d gone crazy. Maybe I did. It was book withdrawal, and I had to remedy it, FAST.

Now, I’m trying to read at least two books a month. That’s a miserable number, seeing as how it takes me about 1 day to read a book, but I can at least afford it. Thus far, here are the two books I’ve read this month. Book 1: The Stranger I Married, by Sylvia Day. Boook 2: Lycan Instinct, by Brandi Broughton.

One’s a print book, one’s an ebook. And that’s how I think I’m going to divvy it up. One print, one ebook a month. I think that’s totally doable. What about you guys? Read any good books thus far this year? Do you have any suggestions? I’m always looking to expand my reading.

The books I want for next month are: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh and Fairies and Wishes by Karen Erickson. I’ve already got about 5 dollars in the piggy bank. 😀

2 responses to “Books, Books, and More Books

  1. I know, I’m losing my impatience! 🙂 Such great characters! Those men of hers… *sighs* one for each kind of girl.

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