Ladies and Gentlemen…

*drum roll please*

Welcome to Twisted Fairytale. 🙂

I’m so glad you could all join me over here. I’m so psyched about the great things this blog will accomplish, like stopping world hunger, bringing peace on Earth… oh wait, no? Oh. *sigh* Well, can’t say I didn’t try.

But, I will be talking about other stuff. Writing, characters, movies, book reviews, love scenes, dialogue (I’m such a sucker for good dialogue), the life of a writer, pet peeves, days when I’m obsessing over something (which is daily) and what those obsessions entail.

It’s going to be a busy ride, people. Prepare well. Bring lots of ice cream, pizza, and any other yummylicious gifts you can. Consider this my official housewarming party. Grab a crate, sit down, and we’ll chat it up while I unpack and make myself at home.

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