Oh, the Joys of Winter

by lushicons_xx on LiveJournal

As I sit here, reveling in the freedom of a day off thanks to the bitter cold, I’ve gotten into a heated discussion with my characters. You see, generally, these guys are supposed to talk to me. They’re supposed to be like, hey Iz, I’m going to go here and do this, because that’s just what I do, you know? And I’m supposed to be like, yea, ok, that could work. Or, NO, are you CRAZY? Whatever the situation may call for.

The only thing is, when life gets a bit hectic, and my stress levels fly to the roof, the voices quiet down a bit. So I’m sitting here struggling to find my characters. I’m calling out to them and the sound of my voice only echoes in the empty hollow shell of my brain. It’s a scary sound, trust me. I need them to get their butts back here, so I can get them moving again.

So here are my thoughts:
1- I will put together a playlist of different types of music that I know they like, to lure them from their hiding spots.

2- I will throw in a huge wrench in the plans, to force them to yell at me. You know, like killing off the heroine. Oh stop gasping, it can always be undone.

3- I will threaten to go on to another, better, more awesome set of people and places. Hopefully jealousy will move them forward.

Until then, I’m stuck in this dreadful silence. I don’t like it. I miss the voices.

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