Lazy Sunday

by strange_icons on LiveJournal

See my icon? That’s what I should be doing. What I’m actually doing is quite different. Something along the lines of…. *silence, cricket, cricket* Yea. Exactly.

As per usual, I’m having trouble with this scene in my WIP. I’ve decided to change the POV, cause the heroine has had more than enough time to talk. It’s time to here what the hero has to say.

They’re on a train. She’s passed out. He’s looking at her, thinking… what will he do? Darnit, if I can’t figure it out. It seems so simple. It should just come naturally, but it isn’t! It’s being completely impossible and I’m becoming totally sick of it!

Yes, I’m whining. What can I say? It’s frustrating as all get out. I was thinking, maybe I can try and do some plotting. Maybe there’s something wrong with the direction I took it in. But I’ve never been a great plotter. I’m a pantzer by nature. Just fly by the seat of my pajama pants, that’s what I always said. Now I regret it. *grr*

I do have this other story I’ve had in mind for a while. I considered plotting for it, so I don’t feel completely useless. Maybe using my brain for something different will spark some more creativity toward this project? There’s a plan. Let’s see if it works.

One response to “Lazy Sunday

  1. I get like that all the time. I’m really trying to work on my new book but trying not to burn myself out either.

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