Snowball Effect

by lizardqueen at LiveJournal

For starters, I’d like to say that if anyone has a time machine available, please let me know.

Now, onto more pertinent things. Decisions. Has anyone ever noticed how making ONE bad decision has this snowball effect, and it seeps into every other aspect of your life?

Take this volunteering thing I do. I volunteer at a local high school with their musical theatre department. I’m assistant director, old alumni, local celebrity (and sooo modest about it too), you know, whatever. I absolutely love it. I’ve done it for three years. This year however, it’s become this all consuming behemoth that I want to chase around a cliff and throw off into the dark, deep endless waters (if all of my writing was this clear in my mind, I wouldn’t be having such an issue).

It’s really going to be over very soon. Our production goes on in a month and change. March 21st is the opening day. So, why does it feel like an ETERNITY? And why have I suddenly had to carry the brunt of the load? There is a director (who is getting paid btw), and yet, I’m running a good 25% of the rehearsals. Not to mention, heading the stage crew, prepping stage managers, helping characters get their lines and music straight. I’m a fricking jill of all trades. That would be all fun and all if
1- I was also getting paid for my time and services.
2- It didn’t interfere with my writing!!!!

See, and the truth is, I can trace everything back to the moment I decided to do this play. Ready? Ok, try and keep up, this gets a little crazy. Stupid Decision1- we really need someone to play Carmen. You did it when you were in high school. You know the role. Come on, no one could play it like you could. There aren’t enough people auditioning. We can’t cancel the show now. Look at all these kids and how excited they are. Oh, by the way, we still need you to be assistant director, because the director’s son is going to college this year, so she’ll be busy making college trips and going to lavish football banquets. – – – – ME: Ummm… I don’t really know if that’s such a good idea. I really sort of have a lot on my plate right now. – – – – THEM: Come on, we NEED you. Your public needs you… oh wait. That’s a line from Phantom of the Opera. But, you get my drift. It really did go something like that. So, stupid me said. YES.

What happened after that you ask? What I’ve nicknamed, the Snowball Effect. Then came: Well, if you’re going to do this, you’ll need to lose some weight. Because your character is supposed to be a trained dancer. You’re just a little too heavy for that. Hmpf. Ok….. 7am gym wake up calls. Personal trainer from hell.

Hubby: Sweetie, what happened to that writing stuff? Are you going to keep pursuing trying to get published? Me: Yes, of course. Him: Even with the play? Me: Yea. Come on, I can do both. Him: Yea, but you know our finances are kinda tight. I thought we had a career plan set up. RESULT: Me getting a job. 10-2.

Ok… I still got house work and a husband to feed. Plus rehearsals at night. When the heck was I supposed to write?

Wow. That was a lot longer than I expected it to be. But you all get my drift don’t you? Snowball effect. It’s an evil, evil thing. THINK before you say yes to anything again. EVER.

Oh, and anyone feel free to email me about that time travel machine. It’d be greatly appreciated.

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