Big Buff Girl and Other Random Things

So, after feeling icky for 3 days, I finally went to the doctors and found I have a snius infection. A bad one, it seems. I’m on both antibiotics and steroids, and an over the counter decongestant. I used to have to take steroids for my asthma when I was younger. Much younger. But it’s been so long, it’s kind of weird to go back to it.

Anyway, other than that, I’m stuck at home for another 24 hours, till the meds kick in, and I think I’ll spend most of that time passed out on the couch watching tv. I have this story idea in mind, which I may just plot. I think I need a break from my current WIPs. They’re just stalled and not going anywhere. So, maybe working on a new idea might be good. Although, with my head as foggy as it is, it may not make much sense.

Maybe I’ll just go get a book and indulge. Keep up on my 2007 book reading goals. I just realized I have some money left over. I think I’m gonna download a few ebooks.

2 responses to “Big Buff Girl and Other Random Things

  1. Hope you feel better. At work we were all contaminating each other for about a month. I noticed today that things are mostly back to normal. So, hope that goes quickly!

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