Modern Medicine and The Magic of Music Lyrics

by lushicons_xx at LiveJournal

First of all, thanks to everyone who’s wished me well. I appreciate it! *hugs* I am in fact feeling a bit better, though I’m still very very stuffy. But the meds are kicking in. I love modern medicine. I love how it almost immediately gets the blood pumping and the body moving. And how it totally puts me in a better mood cause I’m not feeling all icky anymore. That’s a big plus too.

My day job involves working with children. What can I say? They’re chubby little bundles of germs. I’m surprised it took me this long. I honestly thought I’d be struck with the nasty stomach bug that was going around. Eww, that actually would have been worse than not being able to breathe. Talk about counting my blessings.

On another note, a good friend of mine, who has probably the best taste in music ever, has this really great line in the signature of her emails. I didn’t recognize it at first, so I looked it up. Turns out it’s from a Barenaked Ladies song. It’s a cover they did of another older song. But the line is just so beautiful, I stared at it for a little while, closed my eyes and just thought about what it said. And it struck me. The reason it had such an impact is because of the way the words are placed. The choice of verbs and nouns, the metaphor used. I mean, it really is just the perfect melding to create an emotional visual. All dying to know what the line is, aren’t you? lol It’s from “Lovers In A Dangerous Time”. The line is: “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight, gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight.”
Something about that last phrase just does it for me. The way it makes me feel, WITHOUT hearing the music, speaks to its power. Think about it. Think about the struggle it represents, about the idea that daylight is really just the blood that pumps deep inside the darkness. That it can be released. Set free. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

Am I high on my meds? Most likely, but humor me will ya? Just go with the flow.

This whole thing just got me thinking about so many great songs and how the use of great lyrics really can make all the difference in how you view them. A lot of people listen to music for the emotions they cause, for the beat, for the perfect melding of harmony, melody and word. I know I do. But I like songs that can create word pictures, almost like a book, and make me imagine a story being told. And in just a few minutes? You gotta admit, that’s pretty impressive. 😉

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