What I’ve Figured Out…

by enriana at LiveJournal

Being sick and taking time to just stop and look around forces you to see some amazing things.

For example, all of the issues I was having with my WIP came down to one thing. I was telling the wrong story. I kept trying to make it the heroine’s story, kept trying to tell it from her eyes. But it was never her story to tell.

She’s essential, granted, but the true heart of the story lies with the hero. He’s the one with the most to lose and gain. Why I missed that before, I’ll never know. But now that it’s clear, it’s put a completely different spin on how it should be writtten. And now, it makes more sense.

So, I’m starting from the beginning. Isn’t that where every story should begin? At least complicated ones, like this one. Man, how George Lucas could deal with all six installments of Star Wars in his head at once, without going crazy, is just beyond me. But, because this is the first part of a series, I keep getting lost in the story, as it goes on, when I really should only be focusing on the story I’m telling. Right NOW. Hopefully, these new insights will make all the difference. *crosses fingers*

2 responses to “What I’ve Figured Out…

  1. Ah yes, came to a similar conclusion myself recently but reversed. I was trying to put the hero’s pov in it but good phrase-it wasn’t his story to tell-exactly the problem I was having.Soooo, it was back to page one for me too.Glad you’re feeling better

  2. I think the next series I write, I’ll finish before submitting! LOL. I went through this with edits of Starlit Destiny. Though both hero and heroine have a strong purpose within the plot, the heroine’s POV needed to be stronger. In my case I took out/switched a few scenes that I’d written in a secondary character’s POV. Yet in the over all, looking at the next story, that was fine. Anyway, I have a series started/in-mind and I want to be done the main stories before submitting.

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