It’s Up! It’s Up!

I did it! I got my author website up and running! OH MY GOODNESS! Joy of joys.

And it looks awesome. Big thanks to the awesome Josephin, from True Essence Designs for setting it up for me. You rock sweetums. *hugs*

Check it out here:

Now, I have to actually write something. lol So let me get off of here and go do what I gots to do. I just wanted to let you guys know, cause I’m stoked. (where is all of this language coming from? wow, working with those high school kids is really making me talk weird).

Oh, and before I forget, there are buttons available on my links page, for anyone interested in a banner/button exchange. I have an affiliates section set up, I’d love to have a few of you awesome authors I respect on there. 😀

Ok, I’m off. For real this time. *dances off*

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