What Happened?

by eyesthatslay at LiveJournal

So, last time I posted was on the 4th.

How in the world is it already the 7th? Did I miss something? The days are just sort of running into each other. I haven’t even had a chance to think about the fact that it’s already 3 days later. Wow. Weird. Not that it’s a bad thing though. I mean, I’m busy. And as long as I’m busy, I’m not in jail, or breaking any laws, or out partying (although I want to be, there’s this really awesome karaoke competition I wanted to be a part of and the grand prize was sooo good and I swear I tried to work it out but unfortunately there are just too many things on my plate).

But, it also means I’m not writing. YET. Thankfully, the weekend is coming. My CP and I have already set the weekend for some serious plotting. She and I are going to get to work until our eyes bleed. Eww, ok, no Oedipus comments, that visual is just disgusting.

I’m going to get to work on my series, plot my characters, make sure my hero is done right since he’s a complex individual with a lot of complexities (lol, I know some of you know exactly where that’s from). Plus, because it’s like a 4 book series, (thus far) I’ve got wayyy too much happening in my noggin, so I need to make sure I’m organized. I’m just glad to have a plan. A direction. I feel like I’ll be truly productive that way.

Now, on another random note, I’m starving. I just got home from rehearsal (the play is going really well by the way) and we open next month. The kids are working really hard, it’s sounding good, and the 80s are looking more and more appealling. Between the amount of hairspray, singing, wild colors and leg warmers we’ll be sporting, I think we have a winner on our hands. Months of hard work will see fruition. What a buzz! 🙂 Now, I just wish I had a cheeseburger. And a coffee.

2 responses to “What Happened?

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about days going so fast. Today I realized the first of the year was gone. I know, a bit late. *lol* And like you, I’m wondering where the time’s gone. Worst yet, what the heck it’s happening that I’m not writing. I need to get the RD Valetine’s freebie out soon. AAgh!

  2. Talk about busy! Your corner of the world sounds about as frantic as mine. LOL The days are just flying by, and like Tempest, I’ve got to get busy on my RD Valentine freebie as well. Sheesh, less than 3 days away. Actually, 2 days. OMG! Anyway, it sounds like you’re having a blast with the play. Good luck!

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