Crunch Time

by outspokenicons on LiveJournal

Just one more day until the weekend. Just ONE more. If I can get through the rest of this busy week and push past tomorrow, I can make it to my equally busy weekend. What do I have planned, you may ask? Some pretty great stuff, actually!

Saturday, I’m supposed to go shopping for costume pieces for the show. That means a few hours of hitting stores to find the best deal. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I already have some really great items on my “shopping list” and it’s gonna be great to try them all on. Corsets, fishnets, stilettos, leggings, leg warmers, leotards. Oh the 80’s. *dreamy sigh* Who knew they’d come back? 🙂

But besides that, I have to make sure I make time for the plotting and writing that must occur this weekend. Plotting will be for the Guardian Series I’ve been talking about. That’s the one I really want to focus on first, and I think with some good planning, I can make it go where it needs to go. The characters are just so strong! They keep talking to me, so I gotta just get it out on paper so that they can stop pestering me. They get angry, you know.

Another project I have to work on is the paranormal romance that I signed up to write for the Romance Divas Ebook Challenge. I already have the idea in mind, so it won’t be an issue. But, I have to actually do it. Which is fine. I’ll be posting more info on that as it becomes available. There are a BUNCH of awesome Divas working on this project, and they’ll all be offering some fun reads… FOR FREE! Doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂 So stay tuned, k?

2 responses to “Crunch Time

  1. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself right now. I did that in January. :)His Valentine isn’t out til 2/10 – this Saturday. Probably in the afternoon. Yay! 🙂

  2. My mother in law is coming in from out of town this weekend. We’re having a little get together for my daughter and my neice for their birthdays.Oh, I tagged ya. Check out my blog for details.

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