Not My Ideal Way to Start The Morning

by xtatiq at LiveJournal

I’m not exactly sure what I was dreaming about. Or if I was even dreaming, really. But this morning, I was trapped in the jaws of a deep, dark sleep that would have kept me in its claws long into the late morning hours. I was perfectly happy with that. In fact, I hadn’t gone to bed til nearly 2am, and today was a holiday (which meant no work), so why not just take a lazy day?

But my eyes fluttered open uninvited, and landed square on the window across from the bed, on the opposite wall. What in the world had pulled me from sleep? Another thud made my heart jump. I sat up suddenly, startled. That’s when I saw the silhouette of a man on the roof, right outside my window…

Needless to say, I nearly swallowed my stomach, since it came right up to my throat. In a panic, I brought shaking limbs toward the window and hit it, hoping to scare away the intruder. Then, he did something I didnt expect. He knocked. ?? What?!

I lifted one of the shades and nearly fainted at seeing my neighbor waving at me apologetically. Turns out he was cleaning out the iced up gutters, to prevent anyone from getting hurt. He’d tried knocking, but I was dead to the world, so he just went up on the roof of our condominium complex and worked it out. But between my grogginess, my abrupt awakening, and my paranoia over break ins, he nearly gave me a heart attack.

I opened the window and practically yelled at him that he’d scared the crap out of me. He apologized about a bizillion times. Needless to say, I couldn’t get back to sleep because the shaking didn’t subside for like an hour. *shakes head*

Why? Why do these strange things happen?

3 responses to “Not My Ideal Way to Start The Morning

  1. ROFL! I know I shouldn’t laugh. I’m sorry he scared you, but I can’t help thinking the poor man will have trouble facing you in the near future. *snicker, snicker*When we first moved into our house about 10 years ago, we had an ice storm shortly after unpacking. It knocked out the power, and it happened about 6 in the morning, so I wasn’t about to crawl out of bed for it. We didn’t even have curtains up on the windows yet, and as I’m lying there in bed this guy walks across our yard, past the bedroom window, and goes toward this pipeline running down through the trees. I sat up sharply – hey, we live in the sticks, you know. What’s a man doing over here? He turned around about that same time, and I knew the instant he saw me because his eyes got HUGE and he kinda jumped. We stared at each other for a few secons without moving, and then he waved awkwardly and sort of trotted off out of the yard the way he came. I got out of bed, shaking like a leaf, and went to call my husband. Before I could dial out, I got a phone call. It was our neighbors across the street. The husband (who I’d seen) was apologizing because he didn’t realize anyone was home and he’d wanted to glance over at the transformer down the pipeline to see if that was what fuse had blown. (which is a common thing as it turns out, and usually we can just call the power company straight up when that one goes) LOL He was so incredibly embarrassed. ^_^

  2. That would scare the heck out of me too. One year when I was in junior high my family lived between two towns. My mother kept an apartment in the city alone until my father got a job there too and we all moved in. Someone tried to sneak in her window – which was on the second floor so she left it open while sleeping. She heard him and called the police right away, but it was still scary. Hated her staying there alone. Didn’t particularly like that apartment.

  3. They happen because weird things follow you. LOL Doesn’t that make sense????HUGS dea, I’m sorry about that. Can’t say that’s ever happened to me. Most folks are scared of me. LOL

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