Getting Organized

Following the great advice of my dear friend Ansha Kotyk, I have started on my trek toward organization with notecards. Right now, the wall to the left of my computer desk is completely covered in bright orange notecards taped to the wall. It looks absolutely ridiculous. I keep getting this vision of FBI agents tearing into my house, decked out in full SWAT gear (Colin Farrell is part of this fantasy too). They yell at me for being a government conspiracy theorist. They rip apart my notecards and set my house on fire. *shakes head* Umm… right. Too many movies for me, I think.

Anyway, back in the real world, this laid out system is working really nicely. I can see my story as a whole, see where I have missing spots, rearrange the cards to see how they work the best, all without using the delete key (and without wanting to print things out and set them on fire, which btw, is a ritual in my house). *evil snicker*

It’s also giving me new and exciting ideas. I’ve thus far changed the entire second half of the book. Which I’m not regretting at all. The villain(ess) is gone. She had wayyy too many psychiatric issues to deal with, and despite my sympathy regarding her abandonment and her unquenchable thirst for power, she was just giving me a headache. Which meant she had to go. I just don’t have the time to set her up the way I know I should. So she’s out. Our villain will come in the form of an event. A big, booming event.

It’s not all completely clear yet, but it’s getting there. I’m so happy. Who knew a pack of notecards could make me feel so complete?

3 responses to “Getting Organized

  1. Good to hear the notecard system is working for you! *wg* I tried it. I even bought notecards of different colors: one color for characters, one for plot, one for conflict, etc. I ended up with a stash of notecards gathering dust. So I bought a cork panel, which I cut in 4 squares of 12″ each. Then I hung them in my wall opposite to my desk. It looks cool. And it has helped some, but it’s definitely not pantsers like me. *lol*

  2. Hey, your notecards look great! I wish notecards would work for me, but messy as I am – I lose the cards! I say, ah, I’ll hang this one up… but don’t. Ah, I’ll hang it up when I do the next one… but I don’t do that one either. By the end of the week, a stack of notecards and at least 3 are missing. *_* So I write everything down in a notebook. lol

  3. I’ve never tried notecards. Wait, I take that back. I bought ’em, but my kids found them and drew all over them, spread them all over the offie. That was the end of my notecard idea. Sigh…Glad they’re helping you!

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