Things that Really Burn my Biscuit

1. When I go to the bookstore, with my book allowance in hand, all excited to get the book I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to read and they don’t have it. “We can special order it for you.” Yea, but that’s not gonna get me a book to read this weekend, is it? Grrr… Barnes and Nobles, I spit on you. They’re evil. Plain and simple. To make matters worse, I couldn’t find anything else I was in the mood to read. I browsed for a little bit. Saw a few possiblities and then ended up putting them all back. I’m so bummed.

2. Reprints with new, better covers than the original. This cover did to me exactly what a good cover should do. My hands reached right for it, before I realized… I have this book already! In fact, I greatly enjoyed Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study, and went on to recommend it to my entire family, who all loved it as much as I did. Thing is, this cover made me want to read it all over again!! What’s with HQN reprinting it under their MIRA line though? It’s a fantasy with a strong female heroine. It’s why it was in the LUNA line to begin with. ?? Strange. But fascinating either way. And now, I reminded myself that I have to get its sequel. Magic Study. Here’s to hoping it’s as good as the first.

6 responses to “Things that Really Burn my Biscuit

  1. I hate reprints with different covers. Ugh! It confuses me since I’m very visual and remember books by their covers.

  2. Exactly Tempest! What was I supposed to do?! I wanted to buy it, even though I knew I already owned it. Grr… reprints.

  3. It’s so true… the covers thing. It makes me want to re-buy the book, though I know I won’t waste the money. lol What’s even worse is when they actually start out selling it with two different covers. Sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to choose.

  4. Hey girl. Glad to hear you had such a fun time going out. Sucks about the book. 😦 I loved your spit on Barnes and Noble. LOL Too cute. You just crack me up. Hope things are looking up this weekend. I’m waiting for my latest story addition. How’s it comin?

  5. B&N is the worst. They don’t hold on to books for long. Borders is better for that, more romance friendly. :)And yeah reprints get me. Your hands itch to own it, even though you already do! Dang pretty covers…

  6. Don’t even get me started! I live in a town where I can drive by the darned distribution center! No kidding. I live 15 miles from their warehouse that supplies the bulk of the West Coast (I’m told). Because it is here in town, the local B&N advertises that they an get books the same day. And, guess what… Everytime I go there, they STILL tell me “we can special order that for you”. I got snippy one day and said, “Yeah, well can special order it for me too.”

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