Reasons to be Giddy

1. Snowday! It was supposed to be my first day back at work, after a week of recess. Instead, we got a snowday! 🙂 Ha, ha. How awesome is that?

2. I got a new phone yesterday! And I’m completely enamoured with it. It’s a Nokia, so it will probably work better than my crappy Motorola. But it’s also pretty, and I can record songs I want as my ringtones and I can listen to the radio on it. *dances* I’m so psyched.

3. I have to clean, but I’m actually really glad because I’ve been meaning to clean all weekend and couldn’t cause of all the obligations I had to fulfill. Now, I have the entire afternoon to make my house spotless!

4. I had a strawberry banana smoothie and it was really good.