Sleazy Muse

What can I say? My muse is a total whore. Heck, I bet if she met up with a new story idea each week, she’d wink at it, blow kisses and then trod toward the back of the bleachers and tell the story to have it’s way with her. Or worse, she’d have her way with IT!

I mean, she has absolutely no sense of commitment. And I think that’s why the two of us argue so much. I’m always trying to stay focused on my fantasy, because it really has so much potential and I love the characters in it, and she’s always off looking for something better. Today, I woke up, and felt a strange urge to write this story I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while. She was just dancing pretty circles around it, twirling her skirt a little too high, doing that ‘come hither’ thing. And I was practically swearing at her.

Sleazy whore.

Now, I’m wondering if I should just work on a new project, to get rid of the awful block clogging up the second half of the other one. The one I talked about in my blog yesterday. Wait, was that yesterday? Crap, the days just sort of blend into each other.

Anyway, I don’t wanna be a total flake and be jumping from manuscript to manuscript, because then I’ll be as bad as my whore of a muse. So now I’m torn. I think I need to send her to a convent or something. Or trade her in for someone who understands the concept of loyalty. Cause seriously. She’s just ridiculous.

3 responses to “Sleazy Muse

  1. LOL!! Take your pen and paper, and sit where you can watch the clock. OR set an egg timer for 15 minutes. This is your Ms. Sleazy Muse’s fifteen minutes of fame, so to speak. On your mark, get set, go! Now write for the FULL fifteen minutes about this story you have swirling around in your mind, being as vague or detailed as you like. Do not go back, do not review. You are brainstorming, and there are no editors here.Fifteen minutes up yet? Take that story, and file it. Ms. Muse should’ve got her happiness on in that time, now it’s time to hit that other manuscript. My muse is a bit of tramp as well. I just can’t afford to let her run rampant. *wink* I have to tame her with that method, or I’d be all over the place. ^_^

  2. Cora, that’s a GREAT idea. I’m going to do that tonight. Just get it out and then go back to my original manuscript. Hopefully once it’s out on paper, it won’t bug me as much. The little whore is just going to have to get her kicks in 15 minutes. 😉 THANK YOU! *hugs*

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