Huh… Interesting

from raptureicons community at LiveJournal

I found this over on my Netscape Home Page: In today’s local Sunday newspaper, under the title of… ahem… “Romance Poll”, the top 10 most romantic books of all time, according to local bookstore Angus And Robertson, are:

1. Pride And Prejudice
2. Wuthering Heights
3. The Bronze Horseman
4. Bridget Jones’ Diary
5. The Time Traveler’s Wife
6. The Notebook
7. Anna Karenina
8. Gone With The Wind
9. Rebecca
10. Cross Stitch

Now, I’m not sure exactly where that poll was taken. It was in the Books and Writer’s Community, so it could be anywhere. But I found a few things wrong with this list.

1) Isn’t Bridget Jones’ Diary just a modernized version of Pride and Prejudice? How did that make the list?

2) Am I the only one who hasn’t read like 3 or 4 of these books? I feel a little uncultured here.

3) HOW did Wuthering Heights make it, but not Romeo and Juliet? I mean, who the heck takes these ‘Romance Polls’?

How strange. Not exactly my top choices. But interesting none the less, to see what people consider romantic.

6 responses to “Huh… Interesting

  1. Excuse me? The Notebook? Are you kidding me? I don’t think ANY book that’s been out less than a decade should have been included. Off that list I’ve only read Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights (just recently) and Gone With the Wind. I don’t know that I’d even agree with Wuthering Heights. It’s not romantic. The characters are way too insane for it to be considered romantic.I’ve never even heard of #3 or #10. :-/Maybe Romeo & Juliet didn’t make it because technically it’s a play. I’m guessing. That doesn’t explain the absence of Jane Eyre, though… lol Sorry. My own little prejudice, there. 😉

  2. Yea, that’s another book everyone was asking about. I mean, it’s such a strange list. I swear, it can’t be at all accurate.

  3. I noticed that there aren’t any “romance genre” books yet one of the best selling authors over much of the last decade is Nora Roberts. Were I to list my favorite romantic books, Nora Robert’s The Reef is on there. I loved that book. I think Hollywood should make that one into a movie. It’s a great story. My opinion anyway. LOL.

  4. Hmmm, that list is strange. And I don’t agree with it at all.Why aren’t there any romance genre books on the list? Is this list too “literary” to include them? Snobs.

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