As Luck Would Have It…

My muse has gone on vacation, leaving me all alone in terrifying silence. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how lonely it is in my brain without the constant voices of characters, or the pitter patter as they act out scenes they desperately want me to write. Right now, they’re all gone, along with my muse. Probably cause I have too much on mind. That tends to happen sometimes. Real life sort of takes root in my brain and pushes away my worlds of pretend. It makes me very angry. Grrr…

So, I’ve decided, in a sad attempt to lure my muse back, I would dabble in things that draw her attention. One thing in particular is art. My muse is very appreciative of art. So I spent all night last night going through one of my favorite places in the world. DeviantArt. Granted, some of the stuff is out there, but there are some real gems in the haystack. I’ve decided to bite out time and get my creative juices flowing, I would take part in some art on my Photoshop program. I used to use it a lot more years ago. So, I feel really out of practice. And I know a lot of authors tend to work on Photoshop, so I’m confident that this idea will see some fruit. 🙂 Maybe I’ll even post some things I work on.

One response to “As Luck Would Have It…

  1. I hope your muse comes back soon, and feeling better and brighter than ever. ^_^ Take a breather and have fun with photoshop. I’m ashamed to admit I have the program and can barely edit a photo with it. Ho hum. I really need to sit down and learn how to use it. Happy Friday! ^_^

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