Oh, What a Night…

*Breaks out into song* Oh come on, you know you were singing too. 😉 Nothing wrong with that.

So tonight, my younger sister treated me out to a celebratory dinner. She, my husband and I all went to Olive Garden and talked and laughed for a few long hours. It was such a blast. For the first time since I got my notice about the publishing deal, I felt like this was real, rather than some sort of dream. It was absolutely wonderful.

I didn’t step out of my comfort zone food wise, although I’d wanted to. I have this thing about ordering new food. I get all worried that I’ll hate it and I have issues with sending stuff back. I totally am paranoid that someone will spit in my food and I’ll never know it. *sigh* Silly, maybe, but I obsess about it.

Anyway, I had this AWESOME (may I repeat, AWESOME) strawberry-mango frozen margarita. Oh my goodness. That was good stuff. And my hubby and sis surprised me with that singing choir of waiters/waitresses bringing me a cheesecake slice with a candle on it. *melts* They’re so darned cute. I got all embarrassed.

Didn’t beat the couple over in the corner of the room though. He proposed! A huge bouquet of red roses, a gorgeous ring that sparkled against her hand even at a distance, and tons of tears that I nearly started to let loose. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic! She was so excited, she called like all her family on her cell phone. Even as they were walking out, she was still staring at him in amazement. It was pretty darned cute.

So yea, what a great night. I’m exhausted, full, and terrificly happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 responses to “Oh, What a Night…

  1. Ooh! Glad to hear you had a great evening out. I’m like that with my food too. I try to stay in the grilled chicked or shrimp zone. ROFL!! I am picky about those custom sauces they make per restaurant, and usually I’m not feeling very adventurous in discovering them. LOL :)Happy weekend!

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