My Field Trip to the ER

Hate to say I’m disappointed. It was nothing like on the show. No hottie doctors, a la Shane West, no dramatic car accidents or people with things sticking out of their heads. Just a bunch of people sick with icky stuff lying around the waiting room for like 3-6 hours, waiting to be called in. I, was one of the latter. Though, I did get to ride in a wheel chair for the first time ever, and the little kid in me found it strangely exhilirating, even in my delerium (? is that a real word or just an album name?)

After running myself kind of ragged with all these crazy rehearsals and a nasty case of the flu, my body decided yesterday it would reject any and EVERYthing I put in it. Including water. So, come 2pm, I was so weak, I could barely move, and I spent a good portion of the next two hours with my head hanging over the toilet (not a pretty visual, I know). Somehow I managed to call hubby and he rushed home from work and took me to see my doctor. My blood pressure was wicked low because of my dehydration, so he told me I had to go to the ER for some IVs. Yay. Forced intravenous fluids. Those are always fun.

By the time I got there, I could barely walk I was shaking so badly. Hence, the wheel chair. Then, they made me wait 4 hours. 4! Thank goodness I wasn’t dying or anything, cause yea, that would suck a lot. I slept nearly the whole time. By the time I got up, I actually felt much better, though I was still kind of weak. I went back there, they made me pee in a cup, even though I hadnt’ had water in like 9 hours, and then they pumped chock full of the medical equivalent of kool-aid (sugarwater, minus the red dye).

I feel better today, though I’m on a liquid diet for the next 2 days. Too bad. I really wanted Wendy’s last night. *sigh*

On the up note, my muse seems to have returned, probably to bid me farewell on what she thought was my death bed. Amused by the busy happenings of the emergency room, she decided to stick around. How nice of her.

3 responses to “My Field Trip to the ER

  1. Eek! Yeah, that doesn’t sound much fun at all, kiddo. And no Shane-West-like doctors?! It’s too sad for words. ;)I hope you feel better soon, babe. *mega hugs*

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