Hello My Pretties

Missed me? I sure missed all of you. Sorry it was two long, arduous weeks without my informative, albeit witty banter. But, real life exploded on me with the play and all. And not in a bad way either. In a perfectly wonderful way. Want details? I thought you’d never ask.

Where do I start? The musical, Fame, which I’d been working on for 6 months saw it’s completion last Saturday. What a run. After much unecessary offstage drama and some issues with the director and a student, everything finally came together at Monday’s dress rehearsal. In fact, I was proud to say I was a part of this production. It was very professional and the talent was amazing. I did get a bit emotional, as I do with every show. I get very close to members of the cast, but this year it went beyond that. We became a family. Cast, crew, techies, everyone. We were a walking mass that shared a brain. And it was great. I love them dearly and will miss them, since I’ve decided it is my last year working there. But this was definitely the way to go out.

On a really exciting note, I was approached by a scout on Saturday who is interested in having me audition for a show that they may take to Holland for a theatre festival!!!!!!!! *faints* Can you believe it? I mean, it’s just an audition, but still. If I ace it, the possibilities could be endless. That would be so freaking awesome. I can’t wait.

After the show, I headed to the Poconos (Pennsylvania) for some R&R. Emotionally, I feel whole again. It’s nice to find my center after such hectic, adrenaline filled days and nights. You lose yourself in the excitement of it all, you know? I swam, hiked, played air hockey, slept late, ate out. The good stuff. And I reconnected with my stranger of a husband, whom I’d spent no more than 6 hours with for a whole week. lol I basically lived in the theatre.

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to get back to the real world. I go back to work tomorrow, and I’m glad cause I could use some spending cash for books I wanna get. I also got my first edits back from my editor and I’m eager to take a look at it all. 🙂 I miss writing, I miss my worlds and characters and I want to dive back into that ASAP.

In fact, I’m trying to decide which story to jump into first. Although two at the moment seem a huge possibility. And I have a few new things rolling around in my head too, which is great, cause it gives me something to do if I hit a writing wall.

Ok, enough of that, what have I missed? I gotta go make my blog rounds. *smooches* So great to be back guys!

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