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You know, I really enjoyed doing the Romance Divas Free Read back in February. It pushed me to write like nothing else ever had (not even NaNoWriMo)! I worked for like 32 hours straight, ate junk food, and eventually, found myself writing subconsciously as the rest of me practically slept over my keyboard.

Now, nearly two months later, I realize I don’t even know if anyone read it. My website hits were high that day, but I didn’t get my story posted until late, due to some complications. I never got any feedback on it, or a note that someone had read it and liked it.

It got me wondering. Are these ‘free reads’ worth it? As a newbie, it’s a great way to get readers familiar with your style and what you have to offer. To build a fanbase early. As a known author, it’s a good way to give your readers a little something to hold them over until your next release. But, is the energy and time worth it if no one is reading it? It could have been time spent working on something more publishable.

These are just random thoughts. I ask because, in the future, I think I’d like to continue the Free Read tradition. I know my girls over at Midnight Moon Cafe do it. And I think they’re great writers. What do you guys think? Think ‘free reads’ are here to stay? The way to go when it comes to promoting yourself as an author?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

4 responses to “Free Read

  1. When the girls of the Midnight Moon Cafe and I accepted author Lynn Viehl’s challenge to write a freebie for October 31st, we didn’t know the power of the free reads. We had done the free flash fiction, which were shorts of 1K words and under, and people loved them. But this was different. So I put a counter on each story to see how many people download them. And boy, was I surprised when those numbers started climbing up fast! Of course, I still doubted, but some people started emailing us telling us how much they liked our stories, and that did it for me. I knew that people really, really, really love freebies. *g* That’s why we did the Romance Divas’ Valentine’s challenge. They’re fun and liberating for us writers. And readers just love them!

  2. That’s what I figured. I know I devoured just about every free read on that list! I love reading and to be able to do it for free is awesome. Too bad I didn’t set up a counter. I’d be interested just out of curiosity. 😉 Thanks Tempest!

  3. I didn’t get to all the RD freebies offered… yet. But I did save the page on my computer so I can keep track of those I’ve read. As a reader, I try out freebies before buying.

  4. I did a free anthology with nine other authors thats available on my website but I never added a counter so I don’t really know how many people ever read it. I do know people LOVE free stuff!!

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