How Izzy Got Her Groove Back

Although this story does not involve sexy cabana boys that are too young for me, it does come with a silver lining. My muse has returned to me! That little whore was off doing who knows what, and she’s finally tired herself out and come home. Thank goodness, because I seriously missed her.

Thanks to my great friends and critique partners, Miranda Heart and Ansha Kotyk, I’ve jumped back into the Romance Divas writing challenges which take place in the chat room. 20 minutes of writing, no holds barred, as fast and as much as you can get done. It’s nice because it forces you to just write and not get all caught up in what you’re writing. So far, in two days, I’ve gotten about 1600 words written. After a month and change of no writing at all, this is a HUGE release. Writing is always theraputic and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it just flowed right from my fingers and didn’t want to stop.

I’m back in the game for now. But we all know how fickle those muses can be. So let’s see how long I can keep this going, and once the rush is gone, it’ll be time to go back to a regular schedule, to make sure I get my production up. Plus I have to get to work on my edits, like ASAP. I’ll start those this weekend.

I’m back, baby. Oh yea. 😉

One response to “How Izzy Got Her Groove Back

  1. Yeah, don’t you hate when those muse bitches run off without telling you first and then come back like nothing has happened? Mine is still on vacations. *lol* Good to hear yours decided to come back. 😉

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