What a Snore

by outspokenicons at LiveJournal

I battled all day with a posting topic before I realized, I had absolutely nothing new to share. That thought alone stopped me dead in my tracks. Nothing? How could I have NOTHING? There has to be something, I thought to myself. I went through the course of my day, to see if I found anything interesting. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Woke up, got ready for work, had breakfast. Had an extra half hour to do some writing challenges.
2. Went to work. Cleaned up after a bunch of rowdy elementary school kids who did the mental math and realized that pizza=Friday. They were acting like animals about to be led out of the zoo. At least I have tomorrow off, that somehow makes it all better.
3. I came home, helped my good friend Ansha Kotyk work out some plot issues and then convinced hubby to bring home chinese food cause I so didn’t want to cook.
4. Cleaned for nearly 3 hours. Made mental list of the rest of the cleaning stuff I have to do tomorrow.
5. Sat at the computer, exhausted at 12:01am to draft a blog entry.

*sniffles* Wow. That was so un-interesting. When did my life become a total drag? I feel ancient all of a sudden. Like a boring old maid. I need to remedy this situation and all I can think of is that I need another soul cleansing karaoke nite, apple martinis included. *sigh*

4 responses to “What a Snore

  1. I know how to remedy that. Let’s go to a male strip joint and spend some of our hard-earned money down those g-strings. *wg*

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