Dead Silence

It’s pretty quiet around here lately. You guys out there still with me? *checks pulse*

I’ve been busy working on my WIP, as I mentioned before. I like where it’s going and the vibe I keep getting from it. I think it has real potential. The last thing I did with it, which was on Saturday, was finish up my hero and heroine’s first confrontation and I really think that it had the explosive chemistry I was looking for for these two. Now, my question is, where do I go from here? They know where each other stands on certain things, but their relationship has to keep building. They both think they’re going to get away unscathed, that they’ll do their job and continue with life, as though it never happened. But just their proximity to each other is going to change them. I have to work that out.

I’m also having a few villain issues. I thought I had it all figured out, and now I’m wondering if I made the right choice, when it comes to my villain. Is it too obvious? Is it out of left field? Is he the wrong man for the type of job I need to get done? I wonder.

How about you guys? What are you all working on? I’d love to know what kind of progress your making and what your decision making process is. Sometimes, I overthink things and tend to veer myself in the wrong direction. But sometimes, things just aren’t as cut and dry as I wish they would be.

In ‘Real Life’ news, I’m working for the week then I get a week off! April Recess! Have I mentioned how much I love working for the school system? So, all I have to do is get through this week and I get 7 days of writing time. I’m psyched.

I’m going to a Mets game on Friday night. I’m kind of excited. Baseball games are a common thing in my family, but they always mean the same thing to me. SPRING. It might be cold, since it’s at night, but the point is, finally, spring is really here. Made me really happy.

And I might get involved with the local community theatre group’s summer musical production. I’m eager to work with someone else, outside of my comfort zone. They’re talking about doing Beauty and the Beast, which excites me! 🙂

So yea, that’s what’s up. 😉 Drop me a line ok? I’m feeling a little lonely here.

6 responses to “Dead Silence

  1. No need to be lonely we’re all here. 🙂 Okay, so its just me. HI!You don’t have villain issues. I have villain issues. Your villain is just fine. Off to read Wars of the Heart. ;)Ansha

  2. Hey sweety, sorry you’re lonely. My night off tonight and I had family and friends here for dinner. Totally UNEXPECTED. I will be around tomorrow. I’ll open your ms first to answer your questions. Please, please, stop overthinking. Do writing challenges. I think for you that’s the only way this thing is going to be able to be written start to finish. I love you, but, you need to come to terms with the fact that you are a phenominal writer and you have some of the best conflict and hottest scenes I’ve ever written. Now get your ass in bed and sleep well. We’ll talk tomorrow. HUGS

  3. Oh and that was i’ve ever seen. No I’m not narcisstic. I just finished my ms and I’m still high from that. LOL That and it’s almost 1:30 and I’ve been up since eight. I’m tired.ok to bed before I say something else that’s stupid.

  4. I was sick last week. Yep, during my spring break. Ugh! Then when I got better, I had to do major spring cleaning. I was hoping to work on something, but I was too sick to write.

  5. Annalee- nothing wrong with editing! That’s how you get things written. 😉 Miranda- I love you. 🙂 Plain and simple. Tempest, I hope you feel better!!!

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