Ohhh, Now I Get It

I love that moment of clarity, that spark of something in the back of your mind that suddenly lights up and helps you understand something you had trouble understanding before. My WIP was giving me issues because my hero and heroine’s goals were not so clearly defined. There really wasnt’ that much conflict between them, except for some emotional issues. There had to be something more tangible, something that would really force them to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. I think I know what that is. FINALLY! Sheesh, took me long enough.

After some brainstorming with the awesome Ansha Kotyk, I feel a little more at ease. I tend to freak out a lot, you notice that? 😀 No need to comment on my drama queen tendencies. I know this already. But, I overthink EVERYTHING, from what to make for dinner to what underwear to put on today, to what the heck my characters are fighting about. It’s the cross I bear. *sighs dramatically*

Either way, my goal this weekend is to just get back to writing and stop stressing everything. We’ll see how that works out. It’s supposed to be a busy weekend for me, so I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done. But, on the upper hand, then there’s vacation week, so that’s a plus.

Monday I go to Newport, RI. This is probably the highlight of my entire week. I LOVE Newport. It’s where hubby proposed, so it has a special place in my heart. Plus, the historical geek in me just goes mad when I tour those mansions. To think people lived like that! Just walking the cliff walk gives my muse all sorts of orgasmic experiences. It’s pretty awesome. I usually come back with my fingers burning to write. 😀

Then next weekend, I’m going on a day trip with some friends into the city (NYC). They wanted to hit up a few spots, and I really want to try and go to the Met. I’ve never been, which to me is just inexcusable. I have to go. *crosses fingers*

Ok, let me get to work. I’ve procrastinated enough. Anyone have exciting weekend plans? It is hump day after all. Only two days left!!!

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