It’s here, people! It’s here! *does happy dance* Oh yea, baby, bring on the vacation!

Work was surprisingly tame today. The only kids who struggled a bit were the 1st graders, who are used to having at least a half hour to eat, and had to rush through it in 20 minutes. We kept reminding them time was almost up. They kept talking, thinking they had all the time in the world. Poor kids. They don’t deal well with change, they’re all about routine. I’ve actually had a kid get really upset because they served Pizza on a Thursday, not a Friday. And he kept asking me if it was Friday, and I said, no, tomorrow’s Friday, today’s Thursday. This just made him furious. 😀 Not that I blame him. I wished it was Friday too!

The 6th graders were too distracted by this one girl who’s moving to Florida. Her entire table was crying. You’d think they’re never going to speak ever again. I mean, that’s what letters and emails and the telephone are for. And hey, they now have a friend they can go visit in Florida! Nothing wrong with that! Anyway, her bout of tears was the highlight of the lunch wave, as everyone, boys and girls included, kept asking her what was wrong. Then her best friend, ended up with a nosebleed. No one could really focus on fighting or anything else. Before they knew it, lunch was over. We had our easiest wave last, the 8th graders, then the bell rang and it was the sweet smell of freedom! (And ketchup and marinara sauce, if you want to get technical).

I had a nice lunch with hubby, freshened up, and even did a few writing challenges. Not bad, not bad at all. We’re leaving for the game in about a half hour, so ta-ta for now.

Enjoy Friday!

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