That Bewitching Hour

I love midnight. Something about that time of day (or night, really) is purely magical. My brain does things that I don’t even tell it to, it comes alive in ways I can’t explain. You see, no matter how much writing I get done during the day, none of it can ever or will ever be as good a the scenes I write at midnight. Entire worlds come alive at the stroke of 12, moving and breathing and pulsing inside my head.

I’d like to say I have a fairy godmother who does the reverse Cinderella, you know? She’s like, ok, you got through the day, bibidibobidi boo, now you can enjoy the night. But, that’s most likely not it. I wonder sometimes, if the heightened senses come from exhaustion. Maybe I’m so tired, that my subconscious really does all the work? It’s possible. Then again, last night, I had to force myself to bed at 3am, and I still could have gone a whole other chapter!

I’ve read in tons of places that there is a particular time of day for every writer where their production is at its peak. Mine is midnight and beyond. The hours when everyone else is in bed, sleeping and the world is quiet. If I sat at this computer all day, I could not produce the quantity, or quality, that I produced in the few, pre-dawn hours I wrote last night. Which brings me to my next point. How the heck do I set up a writing schedule for that time of day when during the week I get up mostly at 6am?

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