Spring Break Day 1- Monday

The Newport trip has been postponed to Wednesday, due to the torrential rains. It rained so hard yesterday, at one point I was convinced they weren’t drops but buckets falling from the sky. It would be of no use for us to go, especially if we really want to enjoy the cliffwalk and the mansion grounds. But I’ve definitely been pumping myself up for it. Reading up on it on the official website, looking at pictures, imagining myself on the cliffwalk in the moonlight…. (ahem, did I just say that?).

Don’t be surprised if I come back talking about writing a historical or time travel or some other crazy mess. That place just does that to me. Makes me feel so grounded, so in tune with the ocean and the waves that crash against the rocks. *sighs dreamily* I simply adore it. I think it also calls out to the total history geek in me too.

I started doing research on the mansions and the people that lived there. One of my favorites is probably Rosecliff Mansion, which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Herman and Tessie Oelrich. The place definitely has a more feminine touch than many of the other manors, mainly because it was Tessie’s vision of delicate light and beauty. It was based on the Grand Trianon at Versailles, and you can definitely feel the comparison in the careful attention to details. But one of my favorite things about it is that the ballroom was used in The Great Gatsby movie, with Robert Redford, a movie I happened to really love, and a book which I adore to this day.

Yes, I’m going to love this trip. Can you tell? 😉 Wouldn’t it be nice to go see the source of the inspiration too? I wonder how much a trip to Versailles is going for right now. 😉

2 responses to “Spring Break Day 1- Monday

  1. If you go to Versailles, I’m hiding in your suitcase! Oh, man, your trip sounds like it’s going to be fantastic. And the pictures are heavenly!

  2. Ah… sorry to hear you had to postpone the trip. Rain, uh? Listen, send us some! It hasn’t rain here in months. The wildfires are starting already.

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