Spring Break Day 2- Tuesday

Stayed up late last night, trying to inspire myself to write. I did some, not nearly as much as I could have. I was completely distracted. Mentally and creatively somewhere else entirely. Which is fine. It happens. Instead, I was focused on art. My fingers itched to play with Photoshop. Bad, muse. So fickle, she is.

My good friend Ansha Kotyk has a website going up, and I promised to help her with the design. I’m hoping not to disappoint. I did a lot of design ideas for myself, but never for someone else, especially not someone who is doing it to promote their work. So, I’m a little nervous, but really excited too. Because this means I get to indulge my art muse and look up pictures on DeviantArt, my favorite place online. 🙂 Her theme is going to be great, as long as its executed properly. I really want it to knock everyone’s socks off. In the end, if it comes out really good, I may try a few more layout ideas and offer them to the public. We’ll see.

In the meantime, today has sort of been a chill day. Folding laundry, cleaning up a bit. Still dreary outside, but no rain, which means hopefully *crosses fingers* tomorrow will be Newport day!

I’ll try and get in some more writing tonight. Then, for the rest of the week, I’m going back to a schedule, so I can get my writing in between the stuff I have to do for the weekend and such.

I’m feeling incredibly sleepy due to the grey, rainy days we’ve had. And I’ve been sleeping my vacation away, thus far. It’s time to end that madness. Vacations are not for sleep! Well, sometimes they are. But not now. I want to enjoy myself. Once I get back to work, it’s straight sailing through June (I think I get one more day vaca in May). Then I have the summer. Which is my deadline for my novel. I have to get to work.

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