Spring Break Day 5- Friday!!!

Today was my day of mental rest (mind you, as I say today, I actually mean yesterday, because it is now 1:21am). I folded laundry, watched a little bit of television, listened to the radio, thought about my WIP, wrote about 6 sentences and decided it was time for a break. I’ve been working long hours on that thing all week, I needed just one day to figure stuff out. And I did.

The scene I was stressing about which I forced myself to write is getting cut. I hate to do it, because that’s 3 hours of my life I wasted trying to write something I knew from the beginning was wrong. But I kept thinking, maybe. Just maybe. I was wrong. It just doesn’t work. So, it’s gone. I may have a different scene in place for it. No big deal. Im honestly not letting myself get upset about it.

I’m going into the city tomorrow (NYC, so it’ll be another late night post, if any). I’m excited. New York always inspires me. The place is just alive with movement and culture and people. It’s amazing. So hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to report on that front. In the meantime, enjoy the day, it was quite beautiful on this end. I hope the rest of the weekend stays as nice.

Happy Weekend guys!

One response to “Spring Break Day 5- Friday!!!

  1. Hope you had great time. Cool pic! I’ve only been to NY once. I was thinking about it today because I really wanted to see a Broadway show like Phantom of the Opera while I was there … but didn’t. Should have. I’ll have to go back someday. It’s not so close to my end of the country though.

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