Sometimes My Head Has a Mind of Its Own

I’m staring at some really beautiful Glitter Tattoos I won over at Stacy Dawn’s blog during one of the neat installments of Escape the Mondayn. They’re all so sparkly and girly. I want to put some on, but I have no clue where! Plus, I don’t think it makes sense to waste some really nice temp tattoos unless I’m going somewhere and can show them off! So, here’s my dilemma. I have to figure out where to put the tatts, and then where to go to show them off. But it’ll have to wait til the weekend, because I’m flat broke from my spring break excursions. Man, train station food is expensive.

I recently found out about a really neat karaoke competition that’s going to take place in the summer. I’m seriously considering it. I mean, what do I have to lose? I get to sing karaoke, which I LOVE, I get to perform, which I also love, and the prize is some hearty cash. I say, what the heck. It starts in June, which gives me over a month to prepare. Too bad for my neighbors. They’re gonna probably break into my apartment and gag me to shut me up.

I did some brainstorming on my WIP today, and thankfully, I think I may have a positive direction to take concerning my villains. But I’m too tired to even think about writing tonight. After nearly 4 days of going to bed past 3:30 am, I’m finally starting the downward crash. And waking up for work at 6am makes it worse, since I’m NOT a morning person by any means. Which means tonight is an early night for me.

2 responses to “Sometimes My Head Has a Mind of Its Own

  1. Screw the neighbors! Go for the karaoke competition! So start working out those vocal chords. Have fun with it!

  2. You’re absolutely right, Tempest! I’m going for it. Screw them. I have a chance to really shine in this thing and I’m taking it. *clears throat* I even downloaded like 6 karaoke songs off Rhapsody today. WOOT! 😉

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