I am deliriously tired today. My head feels foggy, like I’m drunk or something. And I haven’t had a drink, which sucks. I don’t like a hangover feeling without the gratification of actual liquor! I think I’m heading to bed early again tonight. Could be just my body readjusting to my sleep schedule. I really screwed it up during vacation. That’s what I get for staying up until all hours of the morning. Habits are sooo hard to make, but sooo easy to break. In just one week’s time I fell into a nasty sleeping pattern that’s come back to bite me in the butt. Ouch.

BIG thanks to my girl Tempest for her support regarding the karaoke competition. She’s absolutely right. You only live once, right? So I’m going for it. 😉 It starts in June. The website is going to be up soon, and as soon as it is, I’ll post a link so you guys can see what a big deal it is. I’ve downloaded a few karaoke songs. I’m thinking I’ll do a little Kelly Clarkson. I’m somewhat in her vocal range. Give or take a few notes. And that new song of hers kicks serious butt. Though, I may be better off going with something more tried and true. Behind These Hazel Eyes? Then again, I’m seriously feeling that Carrie Underwood song, Before He Cheats. Can a girl from the city get country? I think so. All I need is a really HOT pair of boots. Any suggestions? Visuals preferred. 😉 Can you guys tell I’m an American Idol fan? Ha, ha. Sheesh.

OH! Know what? I do a mean Gwen Stefani impression, during her No Doubt days, with that really cool lilt she has in her voice when she sings. I can do Just a Girl and Bathwater really well!

As is probably obvious from this post, I am VERY excited about this. I’m going to be asking you guys for tips on wardrobe and makeup and all that, so stay tuned to play “Dress up Izzy”. 😉

I have to get back to work on my WIP, particularly because the one scene I’m stuck on is causing me such aggravation, I can’t move on until I get it somewhere I like. Not PERFECT, just somewhere that pleases me. And it does not please me yet, so, I have it sitting there staring at me with an evil eye as I ignore it. In the meantime, I’ve been doing the edits on my book for Freya’s Bower. Man, edits kill me. I hate seeing my stupid mistakes, even worse, I hate feeling like sometimes I can’t fix them. Grr… it’s the most frustrating feeling ever. But at least I’m noticing the mistakes I make. Some of them are pretty regular, so I pick on them a lot more now that its been brought to my attention. So, at least I’m learning something. Right?

Ok, I’m off. *Peace*

One response to “*Snore*

  1. Urg, sounds like I’ve picked up those sleeping habits as well. I’ve been staying up way too late these past few weeks. I walk through the house with that slurred sleep-drunk feeling too, so I know what you mean there. Good luck with those edits, and try not to let them get to you so much. Or worry you have mistakes in there. Hehe. That’s what edits are for. ^_^ They’re also a great learning too. I’ve learned a ton from the editing process. Things I’d never have picked up through writing alone… Anyway, the karaoke contest sounds like tons of fun! If I lived nearby, you could use my boots, LOL! (Gotta admit though, they kill my feet. Hehehe!) Happy Wednesday, Isabelle!

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