It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Finally. Does anyone else feel like the week just dragged along? But, fear not, Friday has come to rescue us all. It seems the whole world is celebrating this Friday. Even with the torrential rains on this side of the U.S., the weekend comes with the promise of sunshine and freedom.

Just this morning a road/traffic announcer on NY morning news broke out into dance. I swear! I had to stare at the screen to make sure I was seeing things right and not just my crazy imagination. Because it could have been. I tend to pull a JD (Scrubs reference, wooha), every once in a while. But, nope, she was most certainly for real. The music to Michael Jackson’s Thriller played and she and her techy got down, choreography style. It was insanely amusing. Definitely made my day.

If you were all wondering where I was yesterday, I spent most of the day sleeping or watching tv. I was feeling a tad bit anti-social. Piled on top of serious exhaustion, I was in all simplicity, a monster. So, I stayed home from work and just lounged. I feel much better though. How could I not? It’s FRIDAY!

No big weekend plans here. Cleaning up tonight for company tomorrow night. Dinner, some television, a few laughs. Just chill. Going to head to B&N for some books because I NEED to read. I feel like such a slacker.

As for my WIP, I got about half of my trouble scene written. It’s not a lot, but it’s progress. Now I just have to buckle down, get those creative juices flowing, make a nice appletini and sit with a giant chocolate bar and I think I could finish this darned chapter. Or at least, the scene. I’ve added a progress bar to my blog sidebar so you all can see where I’m at. If it stays the same for over a week, feel free to push me *ahem* motivate me to get back to work. Pull out the *whip* if you have to. I tend to be a slacker by nature! 😉

Happy Friday Everyone!

3 responses to “T.G.I.F.

  1. At least you got half that trouble scene done, Isabelle. Sometimes I can spend weeks on a trouble scene with barely an progress. :S Take it a little bit at a time. *thumbs up*So what books are you thinking about at B&N? I just picked up a few naughty, naughty Lora Leigh books from there. 😉 Hope you have a happy weekend!

  2. Love the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon! As for the weekend, it was a tough one with the death of my cousin (who was barely 2 month older than me).

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin Tempest. I hope all is well with your family and you have my condolences.

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