It’s Only Monday?

I don’t get it. I just got off of a weekend. A rather eventless one too. Yet, I’m more tired today. *sigh* Part of it is due to my 3:30am sleep time on Saturday/Sunday. My little sister was over my house and she was having some serious asthma problems. I was up with her most of the night to make sure she didn’t get worse. But I tried to make up for the lost sleep yesterday. I guess it just didn’t work out the way I intended it to.

Today is a beautiful day. I really would like to take a jog to the park. I wish I had batteries to take my CD player with me. I can’t believe I’m still living in the days of CD players with all those mp3 players out there. I really have to invest in one of those. A day at the park would really help clear my foggy head, give me a little bit of writing motivation.

Right now, although my house is cooler and more comfortable than outside I’m also looking towards my bed for a nap. Hmm… what should I do? I should finish editing this chapter, take a half hour nap and then run off to the park. There’s an idea. 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather. It definitely makes the fact that it’s only Monday seem not so bad.

One response to “It’s Only Monday?

  1. Oh gee, can I admit something? I’m still stuck in the days of a portable CD player too. What’s worse, when you were talking about needing batteries for it, I’m nodding – oh, yeah, I totally understand… always needing batteries because they go through ’em like water. Then you mention an mp3 player. D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that? *blush* I have a gi-normous list of songs I’ve d/l’d from I-tunes. I guess it’s about time I look into an Ipod.

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