Great TV Characters

Man, I’m watching the most incredible episode of Law and Order: SVU, probably my very favorite Drama on television right now. The characters are so well developed, more so than on any of the other L&O’s I think. Not only that, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their chemistry is so real, their pain and happiness is so vivid, and they just come to life on the screen. I love that. That’s not just great acting, but great writing as well.

I’m always trying to make such memorable characters. Characters that touch people’s life and that seem just as real, just as flawed, just as sympathetic as you or me. It’s an artform really. When you hit the jackpot, you just know it.

There’ve been a handful of TV characters that have affected me long past our first “meeting”. Imagine having that effect on a reader. It makes those long hours of writing and stressing totally worth it.

One response to “Great TV Characters

  1. I’m hooked on Battlestar Galactica – which kind of sucks at the moment because there will be no new episodes until 2008 – but the characters are all so interesting! You know how some shows pair the characters off and they aren’t all equally interesting? You can’t wait to get through the segment of Bob and Bill so they’ll talk more about Jack and Liam. That sort of thing. There are no uninteresting characters for me on BSG. I tell ya, they have the hook in me when it comes to that show. LOL! ^_^

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