Wednesday Madness

from randmnessicons on LiveJournal

After an excrutiating whine and cry session with my great friend Miranda Heart last night, I jumped in the RD chat room and forced myself to just GET OVER IT. I wrote about 600 words. I was up until 2:30am. Although I’m glad I did it, because it really helped me feel better and less like the crappiest writer in the whole world, I paid for it today.

I woke up, startled by the loud beeping of a horn outside. It seemed strangely quiet on the street, so I looked around for my phone to check the time. Oh goodness. It was 10:30. I was late for work! *shakes head* I can’t believe I slept right through the alarm. So I jumped out of bed and hurried to get ready. I got to work about 20 minutes late. The rest of the day sort of tumbled 20 minutes late too.

Either way, once I got home I took a breather. Thank goodness. I feel a little more gathered. I did some laundry. We were nearly out of clean towels. My pile of clothes is just ridiculous. It’s growing into a clothes monster and it teases me whenever I walk by the hamper. So tonight, I’m just going to finish the rest. I can’t stand looking at it anymore.

Now, I’m itching to work on Photoshop, even though I really should be doing some edits or writing. Darn the conflicting muse. But I have this really neat idea for a photomanipulation! I’ve been obsessed with those lately. You guys should check out my deviantart account. I’ve been on an art kick for the last two weeks. I think it helps relieve my creative frustration. So, maybe I’ll have a sandwich (I am so not cooking tonight) and do a little of both.

2 responses to “Wednesday Madness

  1. OMG! YOu did that! *points to your deviant art* Wow! Awesome job, chica! That one of the lovers is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! Yea, I’ve been practicing. I feel like I’m getting better with each one. 🙂 So glad you like it! You’re gonna love the next one. It’s got a fantasy theme!

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