Karaoke Song Choice 1

So, I’ve been singing really loud around the house, trying to get my voice back into shape. As with any muscle, when out of practice, it tends to get a bit rusty. My neighbors must be sick of me at this point. Imagine me singing full out, top of my lungs, serious rocker chic style music at about 2pm. LOL I don’t even want to try and imagine it. If I were them, I’d be sick of me too.

BUT… I think I found my first contender. This song will be one of my options if I make it to the finals. Because it’s a hard song to sing and its definitely meant to impress. This is the live version, to give you guys an idea of the type of notes I gotta hit. lol Wowzers. But I’m up for it. That big SOOOOOOO… Ive been practicing that for 3 days now. 😉 I’m right on. Still looking for 2 more!

As for editing/writing. Didn’t get anything done yesterday *sigh* because I was still unpacking and cleaning house. However, I have some stuff in my notebook that I need to transfer over, so maybe that will help me get back on track. 🙂

2 responses to “Karaoke Song Choice 1

  1. My goddaughter loves Kelly Clarkson and she makes me deaf singing “Since you’ve been gone…”

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