Tell me, how was your weekend? I hope everyone found it enjoyable. I definitely did.

I got to see some cousins of mine that live in upstate New York, which I don’t get to see too often. My cuz, who’s only 3 months older than me, and by far my closest cousin, graduated from college this weekend. 😀 I’m so proud of him. His older sister graduated last year. The thing about them is they’re not only an intelligent group, but also very talented. One is a dancer, the other did an internship at the UN. I mean, they’re well spoken, enthusiastic. It’s just such a pleasure to know them. *hugs to them if they’re reading*

I didn’t get any writing done. Mainly because it was too hectic. But, I do plan to get back on the wagon for the week.

On a more personal note, I’m really excited about this new medical weight loss plan I’m joining. I sit with a P.A. and he talks me through the best nutritional plan for me. I do weigh-ins every week, and eat a suggested diet. I’ll be hitting the gym to tone up. I’m hoping to lose a good chunk of weight by mid-summer. The intense program lasts 12 weeks. That’s not so bad. Which means if I start this month, by August I’ll be one sexy beast. 😉 Oh yea, baby. I’m so psyched. I’ll keep you all in tune with my progress.

One response to “Sooo…

  1. You go, sexy beast! ^_^ I wish I could do a w/loss program right now. Instead I’m just ditching carbs and trying to stay eating the way I should… It’s so hard what with all the family birthdays this month. *sigh* I have to order yet another cake nex week! Hope you have a fun Monday! 🙂

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