I won’t even finish it. You probably already know what I’m going to say. I’m such a slacker. The sad thing is, I’m not even ashamed of it anymore. LOL Isn’t that awful? It might just be the summer sun. It brings out a bit of a reckless spirit in me. I have tons of things to do and I find myself blowing them off to do other things, like walks in the park or lemonade and a newspaper on the back porch. I really have to get with it. I have a book that has to be written, edits that need to be done, songs that need singing and a busy summer coming up. Which means I have to get off my keister and actually get work done. It’s just sooo hard… (yes, I’m whining).

Maybe I should set up a schedule. Duh, right? But seriously, I have trouble with schedules. I don’t do very well following them. I get distracted by other less important things. (Notice a trend here?) So yea… what to do? Especially when the muse is itching to just start a new project all together? Ignore her for a bit? Or just stay loyal to my current WIP? I don’t know why, but it’s lost a bit of it’s allure. Maybe I’m overthinking it a bit much? Totally possible, btw. That is one of my biggest weaknesses.

Let me think on this.

Crap. See what I mean?

One response to “S-L-A-C…

  1. Hehe. I’m great at slackassedness, Isabelle. I still have 2 projects that need finishing and here I am – poking around on the net and cabbage patch kid browsing. It’s an illness, I tell you. Never mind the schedules either… I can’t stick to them. As soon as I write them down they’re as good as broken. Take it one project at a time. Tinker instead of diving head into it if you must. Ten minutes a day is progress. ^_~

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