Finale Week

This week saw the end of several of my favorite shows for the season. If you know me, you know I’m a total tv junkie. I LOVE being involved in the lives of fictional characters (duh, it’s why I write). I get the same rush from a well written show that I do from a book. I love the little butterflies, the anxiety, the fear of unknown that comes with jumping into their world. It’s exhilirating! So let’s recap, shall we? *warning, gets a tad bit spoilerish*

Monday: How I Met Your Mother– Robin and Ted. I’m not surprised. In fact, I sort of expected it. The two of them just don’t have the same goals. But it still broke my heart to see them separate. They really are so happy when they’re together. And she can’t be the kids mom. More than once he refers to her as Aunt Robin. Which means he’s yet to meet that love of his life. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how they’re going to make that happen.

On another note, I was thrilled that Marshall and Lilly finally tied the knot. They’re adorable. And last week’s outside wedding episode was just too cute. It tied perfectly into this week. Reminded me why I love this show so much. It’s full of heart, full of laughs and just a genuine feel good time.

King of Queens– This was actually a SERIES finale! *sniff* I can’t believe that show is finally ending after so many years. That scene with them on the airplane, when she told him she loved him, I really think those were genuine goodbye tears. It’s so hard to leave a cast you’ve worked with for years. They really become like family. *sniff* They had a great run!

Last night: The Office, Scrubs AND Grey’s Anatomy! Sheesh. A girl can’t handle that much TV watching back to back.

Jim and Pam. All I can say to that is *aww* I didn’t really like Karen all that much. She was just trying too hard. But she didn’t get the job, which means she’s coming back next season! Can you say love triangle? 😉

Elliot and JD. That final scene was perfect. In fact, one of my favorite scenes acted by them in a long time. Poignant, emotional and so true to their character. They’re scared, overwhelmed and a little crazy. Both of them are a tad bit self-destructive. To see it end there, with no hint as to whether or not they’re making a HUGE mistake… it was evil… yes, but at the same time, I’m craving next season with a passion! The final season! I will miss this show most of all. It’s my favorite, hands down.

Grey’s… where have I been?! I missed like 5 episodes this season and all of a sudden the world’s a freaking mess. It’s why I tend to steer clear from drama’s now. My world is full enough of issues, I don’t need theirs too. Still, I couldn’t help being sucked back into the drama due to Izzie and George’s recent escapades. Can I just say that girl needs a frickin’ break? Hasn’t she been through enough? *shakes head* And George, stop being an IDIOT. I understand that characters mimic real people with flaws. But seriously, when you start to morally degrade characters, they begin to lose part of their magic, and simply become tragic figures, making the same idiotic mistakes over and over again, until you lose interest. REMEMBER writers, there has to be GROWTH!

So yea, that’s my little tv stint for today. I’m sad I’ll have nothing worthwhile to watch in the summer. More reading time for me!

Off to do some more edits. Maybe plot a story idea that’s been itching my head ALL week. BTW, HAPPY FRIDAY!

2 responses to “Finale Week

  1. *LOL* Tomorrow is the season final episode for Blood Ties, and I can’t wait to see it!

  2. My TV show won’t be back until 2008 – ARG! I *heart* Battlestar Galactica. Other than that, I don’t really watch too much tv… unless you could children’s programming. That’s always on here. 😛

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