Tuesday Ramblings

American Idol season finale! I’m a big fan, so of course I will be watching it. For those of you interested, I’m all for Jordin Sparks. Have been since I saw her audition. I mean, heck, the girl can SING. So go her! I hope she kicks serious booty tonight.

Other than that, my day has thus far been full of work and writing. Unlike yesterday, where I didn’t have a first lunch wave due to a huge field trip, and a few 6th graders were suspended, today I was smacked head on with 4 full lunch waves and I handled the first one (with 5 classes of about 23 kids each) by myself. One of the lunch mothers from the second lunch room came in late and my partner ran up there to cover. All in all, I did ok. I thought I’d fall behind but I didn’t. Still, it takes a lot out of me. I came home exhausted.

I tried to do some edits on ch. 7 of my FB story. But, my mind was elsewhere. In another story elsewhere. That annoying idea I’ve had in my head for a few months has been getting more and more clear, until today I actually had an entire scene just pop up in my mind. I couldn’t just let it disappear. So, I wrote out half the scene and didn’t finish edits. Oops. 😀 Ha, ha. Bad me. But I’ll get back to them.

One response to “Tuesday Ramblings

  1. Whew! All those kids on a single lunch shift. You’re a brave woman. And at least you got some writing done. It’s better than nothing. *thumbs up* Last night I sat the comp and just stared at the blank page. I do think I need a break. lol

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