Little Thing Called Hump Day

Do I have some great news for this bright and early Wednesday morning!

Last night, I felt productive again for the first time in weeks! The muse struck. I’ve been fighting her for a while now on a particular story idea that kept popping into my head. It’s an idea I’ve had for months. I jotted it down like people suggested. It went away for a while. But it kept popping back up. Last night was the final straw. I opened my edits, ready to work on chapter 7, eager to get them done because I’m so close! 2 more chapters after this one! That’s it!!! But my mind was elsewhere. I could hardly focus. Instead, while at the RD chatroom, I started plotting the little idea my mind kept whispering to me.

By the afternoon, I had the opening scene in mind. What else could I do? I had to write it. Turns out, by midnight, I had half of my first chapter done. My editor ended up contacting me and I also did about 5 pages of edits. Then I went on to finish the chapter on the other story. So all in all, last night, I cranked out over 2k, did 1/3 of my edits and passed out at about 2:30am.

Meanwhile, I gotta go to work today regardless of my delusional exhaustion. But it’s only a few hours. Once I get back I’ll either continue on my edits or pass out on the couch. 😉

Happy Hump Day you guys!

3 responses to “Little Thing Called Hump Day

  1. Wow! Your muse was sure feeling productive and worked her butt off yesterday! Hehehe! Happy Hump Day to you too!

  2. Oh my goodness are you worn out or what? But good for you! It feels good to be so productive.

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