Weekend Woes

Hubby got pretty sick this weekend. I think he didn’t drink enough water at work on Friday. He came home throwing up and miserable all afternoon. I gave him some popsicles and got some gingerale. When it was all said and done with I was just as exhausted from the running around and clean up. Had to bring out the Lysol, just in case it was a bug of some sort.

All in all, I’m starting to notice our place is horrendously hot. To the point where I’m practically delirious. We have to get our central air fixed or I’ll die.


We’ve filled giant water bottles and are trying to keep ourselves hydrated. Let’s hope it works.

3 responses to “Weekend Woes

  1. I hope you can get it fixed soon too. I went to visit Denver for a conference years back and it was about 100 each day and the hotel’s AC kept it at a cool 85. I was miserable. I know how that can feel.

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