First Things First…

Thanks to some awesome brainstorming help from my CP, Miranda Heart, and some loving souls over at the Romance Divas Chat room, I think I’ve figured out the world in my Fantasy WIP enough to work it out.

FINALLY! This little bugger is one that has haunted me for two years. The heroine came first, quite clearly actually, and I knew she would be interesting to write because she makes many sacrifices in this story. But the hero, although he came later, is the one who has really come alive in my mind. This story has, in all respects, become his story, and his journey is so emotional, and so truly heartbreaking that I’m absolutely enamoured by him. He has so little to lose, except really everything, but he takes the leaps of faith completely unafraid. He never questions his instinct or his loyalty. He simply follows his heart. And in a world where things are quite rigorous and traditional, this is something that causes quite a stir.

So I’m incorporating some little things here and there throughout what I’ve already written of the WIP so that I can build that world properly. It’s so complicated when you’re creating a universe all in your head. It’s not enough to know what it looks like geographically. It has to have a culture, a government, a set of laws and natural laws, certain types of people… although I’d done part of this, I hadn’t done enough, and when the time came, I found myself stuck because I didn’t really know what went on outside the walls of the building my characters spend most of their childhood in. Now… the world is coming alive for me, and I hope to help it come alive to the reader as well. So stay tuned. Maybe this one will keep a steady flow.

The writing challenges in RD definitely help. Any of you looking to spruce up a wordcount and feeling utterly distracted by the alluring email, internet evils, go there! 🙂 In the meantime, big congrats to Cora Zane who just got a horror accepted over at WCP! Yay Cora! May there be many more!

4 responses to “First Things First…

  1. I let myself get distracted today from my writing goals. I stopped by RD earlier this weekend. I wish I had more time after work.

  2. I’ve had a good couple writing days. Going to Lori’s event really inspired me to finish my book! Thats great you got your WIP figured out. I don’t know I could do the whole fantasy world. It takes so much imagination.

  3. Aw, thanks Isabelle! Your hero sounds absolutely fascinating. I’d want to read this just to follow his side of the story. Glad to hear that brainstorming session at RD got those creative juices flowing!

  4. Annalee, don’t give up! Sometimes we get distracted. If that happens, fine. It’s just a matter of getting back on the wagon. :DKelley, aren’t those writing days the best? When it’s really flowing. I love those days! I get so excited. Cora, thank you! I’m so in love with my hero. There is just sooo much going on in this guy’s head, and I’m fascinated by him as well. 😀 I hope I do him justice.

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