Ah, that explains it

I get it. I understand why I feel so tired now. Part of my intense diet program, is that I have to have two servings of sodium, because my caloric intake is so low. Because I’m a tad bit dense, I’ve been forsaking the bouillon cubes and just having small sodium servings here and there, in a pickle, a cup of v8, whatever. Not really worrying to count it out.

Well, I had my week 1 follow up appointment yesterday. She told me my sodium is low. Lower than necessary in the body. Hence, my reason for being sluggish and tired. I don’t know why I didn’t connect that. Maybe because my brain is so muddled. So, I went out, bought a new pack of bouillon cubes and will be taking two a day. I wish I had a thermos, it would make my life so much easier. But that’s ok.

I did lose 4 1/2 lbs though! 😀 I made this week’s biggest loser list. YAY! That I’m really psyched about.

And, I’ve been hitting the gym, trying to run on the treadmill. Part is to strengthen my diaphragm for my singing, the other part is because I’ve always had this mental picture of myself as a jogger. I’d love to run a marathon someday, but I’ve never been in good enough shake. So I figure, no better time than now, right? So, I’ve built up to running 30 minutes, about a mile and half, give or take. I stop and walk when I cramp up, or take longer strides when I start to feel the burn in my side. I drink a lot of water then, cause its usually the first sign of dehydration. Yesterday, after a nice long stretch of my achy muscles, I did the run and then came home and took a hot bath. Today I feel quite wonderful, actually. 🙂

As for my writing, which I am still doing, despite the insane other stuff I’m up to, is shaping up. I figured out last night that the opening scene I wrote doesn’t work because it’s told in the POV of a character we really never see before, and although it sets up the world, it also tells us what we can figure out later about our hero. Hence, I will just start the story right in the middle of the scene where he first enters this different world for him, and then will reflect on the opening scene throughout in the form of dreams, conversation, etc. I know this seems like common sense to you all, but you see, for me, this fantasy is a bit complicated, and as I figure out the world, I’m trying to incorporate into the lives of character’s I’ve already put down on paper. Does that make sense? So yea, I have organizational issues, but at least I’m getting something done. I just keep feeling like it’s going to take FOREVER. *sigh*

3 responses to “Ah, that explains it

  1. Awesome on 4.5 pounds! Mega congrats! 🙂 Take your time with your writing. It’ll flow when it’s ready. I am still plagued by my demon story, and I’m tired of pushing it so I’m moving on to other things. We’ll see how it goes…

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! But take care of your body. Now it’s a delicate time as things are a bit off balance. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean, Cora. Sometimes if you try to force the flow, it just doesn’t happen. Tempest, it’s true! I didn’t realize what a little change in the chemistry could do. Amazing, really.

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