The 6th Try Makes Perfect?

The Fantasy WIP I’m currently writing has gone through several morphs. It started as an alternate reality type fantasy, in our world, with people who have supernatural abilities much like the X-men. That just didn’t work to tell the personal stories that needed to be told. Then it shifted to this strange, very dark, very edgy urban fantasy, where my hero suddenly became the villain. That wasn’t such a problem, since he has some dark tendencies, as long as I could redeem him. But soon, I was finding that the only way to do so was to kill him. Eeek! I couldn’t kill him! I hadn’t gotten the chance to tell his story! The one that built all the sympathy over why he was such a ruthless villain! That’s when I realized that I had to stop trying to tell the story from my heroine’s POV, because although she’s a main character, this isn’t HER story. Once I realized that, the rest just came flooding in.

I put together a very rough few chapters with some major scenes. All in all, I’ve managed to get about 25k in. Not bad, for a skeletal starter. And it’s not even all the way to the end. It’s to just about halfway. I stopped right before the climax. Which means I still have to keep going. But, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I had some issues with my worldbuilding. I had no external conflict, to drive the story after the huge moment. So, I went back to the drawing board and put some rules down on paper. I determined for certain what the deal was with my society, what the underlying issues were that would eventually turn it on its head. The catalyst? My hero! Spurred by his internal conflict, he will expose everything. Ahhh, now I’m getting somewhere!

So a few days ago, I worked on an opening chapter that set up this world and this conflict. Only thing is, for some strange reason, I wrote it in the POV of a minor character who disappears after the chapter and doesnt reappear until the middle of the book, just once. Umm… yea, that’s not gonna work. The reader will immediately relate to that character and what to know what the heck happened! And I was using that character to give us an outside view of the hero, rather than letting the hero just speak for himself. Can you say cop-out? 😉

Finally, last nite, at the stroke of midnight, my fairy god-muse decided to sprinkle some of that magic fairy dust on me. I figured out exactly where to begin my story so that it makes the most sense to us as readers, as well as to the characters, for their story to develop at the right pace. It’s so critical not to start too early, or you lose people with the sense of what you’re writing, and not to start too late, or they miss the point entirely. I hope *crosses fingers* that I’ve actually found the right spot.

It feels right. It gives you the conflict immediately, a huge weight the hero carries throughout most of the story, as well as pushing him into a new situation and environment he isn’t ready or eager to be a part of. It’s an active scene as well, not just a long narrative, and it’s told in the hero’s POV so we know who’s story it is immediately. 😀 I feel I’ve met all the necessary criteria. YAY for finally getting something right. Ha, ha.

And now, onto actually getting the entire chapter done, and moving on to incorporate the already written chapters into this time-frame/world. That shouldn’t be too hard, they fit quite well. Then it’s all about fleshing out what I already have and moving forward toward the end. Looks like progress, people!

Plus, it’s Friday! Could the day get any better? ENJOY THE WEEKEND!

One response to “The 6th Try Makes Perfect?

  1. I hear you, Isabelle. I’m still battling demons. The story has taken on a whole new twist, but at least for the moment it seems to be going somewhere. If I can only get it up to 25k, I can wrap it up and call it a day with that story. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have it all lined out. Happy weekend to you!

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