It’s Official

I hate Yahoo. My website is hosted through Geocities, and for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been unable to access the main page, where I go to open my file manager, see my site stats, etc. I thought at first it was just Geocities glitching. That happens a lot. But I logged into my other yahoo account (I have 2, one personal, one professional) and went to Geocities (I have one of those free websites… Well, well, that one is working just peachy. I sent an email to customer service, but despite what they may say, I’m done.

So, long story short, I’m looking for a new home! I hear WordPress is a pretty popular format, and on their site they suggest Any of you guys know of that? Is it easy enough to understand? Is there something better out there? Cheaper? Thoughts, ideas and comments needed! Thank you!

One response to “It’s Official

  1. I’m on Yahoo pro as well for some little junk hobby things, but I’m thinking of dropping it because the site I have it for doesn’t really get many hits. I mostly used the stuff for remote loading images to Neopets anyway. I’ve never tried Bluehost or whatever. But if you’re hoping to use WordPress for your site, you can use your existing Yahoo pro account and set it up so that your domain name goes through WordPress. It would save you the set up fee, in the least. *shrugs*Basically, once you set it up, you go over to wordpress, and log in, bypassing Yahoo completely. It’s very helpful for when Yahell starts in with data lag. ^_^

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