You Know Something?

You find the funniest things when you study people. I mean really study them. Today, at work, I found myself completely distracted. I don’t know why, but I seemed to be completely lost in my head. I think I was just really really tired. I spent a lot of my down time just staring at people. Not to the point of creepiness (well, maybe some), but I just saw so many things I’d never even noticed before! Body language certainly says a lot about a person’s true feelings.

Case in point: An administrator at the school where I work has it hot for a teacher. I can tell. Everytime they talk, he’s very touchy. He smiles a lot. He nearly glows when she walks into the room. Mind you, most likely, nothing will come of this. He’s pretty old. He might even be married. The teacher is a young spitfire. A rebel, who parties hard and you can tell in the way she dresses and wears her hair. While he wears pristine suits and ties. I can see why he’d find her attractive. That opposites attract thing really is true. It’s just funny to see the way the body gives away things you would never say!

Which is why I suddenly realized how important body language is in stories. Our characters are always reluctant to say what they really mean. They beat around the bush endlessly. They use double entendres (that may be spelled wrong, btw). Most times, all you have to go by is how they act. The little moments that suddenly reveal there’s much more going on underneath those stony surfaces.

by imgeneparmesan on LiveJournal

I love the little details in stories that give it away! I think of Mr. Darcy in the (current) movie Pride and Prejudice, where he helps Elizabeth into the carriage. That moment always makes my stomach scream. Her expression of pure shock at the physical contact, and the scrunching of his hand, as though he can still feel her touch as he walks away. *swoons* Those are the sort of details that make the characters real! That makes them come to life! And as readers, it’s exciting! Don’t you feel like you’re now part of their secret?

I’m going to spend a lot more time watching people. As discreetly as possible. 😉 Ha, ha.


7 responses to “You Know Something?

  1. That is so true about body language! I always have my characters touching each other – and I don’t mean in wacky places either. :PI know just what scene you’re talking about in P&P. Another one like that which really gets me is the scene from that movie The Village, where the blind girl tells the Joaquin Phoenix that she can tell he likes her, because he doesn’t look at her when he’s talking. *Kapow!* You can tell by the look on his face she hit it right on the money. *dreamy sigh*

  2. I like to watch people. I like to go to the mall and just sit there, watching everyone walk by. Even snooping on their conversations. It’s fascinating!Body language is very important. Very very important…lol.

  3. Oh Cora, I love The Village! Yes, I remember that scene! He looks so stunned. Like how the heck does she know that?! 😀 Good stuff.

  4. Ha, ha! Karen, you snoop! 😉 You know, they say Shakespeare used to watch people. It’s how he became such a master of the human psyche. You can tell in the complexity of his characters! Who knows, you may be the next Bill Shakes. 😉

  5. Ava, I know! It makes my stomach rumble and my face get sooo hot. I JUST LOVE IT! Im gonna have to go watch it. Ha, ha. There’s that scene and the scene when in the rotunda. *sighs* Yea, P&P is like my favorite movie.

  6. Body language. True. I keep a list of “tags”. Ideas or sentences that describe body language or other actions to add to dialogue sequences that help paint the picture I want of what the characters are doing while they’re talking.

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