Have You Ever…?

Spent like three hours on a manuscript only to figure out you’ve written about 4 paragraphs worth of crap? Yea, that was me last night. I had the scene in my head. I knew what it should turn into, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t make it work. Well, no, let me rephrase that. I know the reason I couldn’t make it work. I was in a crappy mood and had too much on my mind.

Thankfully, this morning I’m thinking much clearer. That would be courtesy of the lovely Divas, Miranda Heart, Eden Bradley, and Lillian Feisty who all managed to pull me out of my funk with some great laughs. I was up until 3:00am. Which is really ridiculous seeing as how I got nothing done. But whatever. I had fun either way.

The scene is still in my head though. I think I realized this morning that it won’t work until a bit later. Which means I need a scene for in between. I had another scene I could use there too, but I was having POV consistancy issues. I don’t know why but I get all uptight if there’s too many heroine or hero POVs back to back. In this case, there would have been like 3 scenes. I just can’t handle that, because you know, I’m anal and what not. LOL Come on, at least I admit it.

So that means that it’s back to the grind today, to see what I can make happen. On a really good news front, I’m halfway done with the second round of edits on CR for Freya’s. We’re thinking it might be ready for release by August. YAY. 😀 That makes me so happy.

I plan on finishing the other half this week. Then sending it back to my editor for another kick through, see what she says. The story was really really rough when I sent it. They should have never said it was ok during that Anniversary Submissions Call! Ha, ha! 😀 Sorry, I’m feeling strange this morning. Lack of sleep, I believe.

Speaking of anniversary, thanks for the great suggestions. I have a really great day planned. I just have to decide when to do it so I can lure hubby out of whatever activities he may have to do that day. I’m talking full on day starting from breakfast at sunrise by the seawall to sunset at the beach over a fire. 😀 And you know, some books, movies, and mini-golf  in between.

Anyway. Thanks for always taking an interest guys! You’re the best.

4 responses to “Have You Ever…?

  1. I’ve done the same thing. Sat with my laptop open, with a scene in my head and it just doesn’t come out right if it comes out at all!

  2. It’s okay, Isabelle. Every writer goes through that. My demons are a prime example. I’ve written the book 3 times so far and it hasn’t come out as I wanted, qne each time it went back to the drawing board. I’m on the fourth try, so maybe this one will be the charmed one. ^_^ Just hang in there and don’t give up! BTW, an August release would be awesome! Keep us posted!

  3. Yep, been there, done that, and went for margaritas afterwards. *LOL*Enjoy your anniversary celebration! 🙂

  4. Those scenes kill me! When you just know it should come easier than that and it doesn’t! It drives me NUTS! Arghhh! Tempest, LOL! I wish I could have alcohol. This stupid diet is making me feel very sad. Ha, ha!

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